Collaborate and share in groups

Collaborate and share papers with your peers by creating and joining groups of interest.

Groups allow you to collaborate and share references and full-text files with your colleagues on Mendeley.

Share references/PDFs, discuss topics, start discussion, watch projects over time or crowd source/curate reading lists for a group.


Types of groups

  1. Private – Share references and full-text files. Only group members can see the group, good for sharing in private.

  2. Invite-only – Share references only. Public can follow the group only, good for sharing references or reading lists.

  3. Open – Share references only. Public can become a member or follow the group, good for crowd sourcing reading lists.

Group types

Group feed

The overview tab of all groups show the most recent activity in the group including, documents/references added, new members or any members comments.

Tip: You can install our Mendeley Newsfeed app for Chrome to quickly access any activity.

Group feed

Adding documents (via web)

We recommend adding papers and managing groups from within Mendeley Desktop.

This is possible in my library on the web by selecting the documents you wish to move and using the drop down menu to choose which group to add them to.

Adding documents

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