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Quickly create and format your citations and bibliography according to your chosen style.

What is the citation plugin?

The Mendeley citation plugin allows you to cite seamlessly without leaving your word processor. Save time writing papers by automatically generating your bibliography in a few clicks.

The plugin is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Word

  • LibreOffice

  • BibTeX

Citation plugin

Install the Citation Plugin

Make sure you have Mendeley Desktop open and goto ‘Tools' in the main toolbar to click 'Install MS Word Plugin'. The Plugin is compatible with Word, LibreOffice or BibTeX.

Install the citation plugin

Installation success

You should see this screen which means the plugin is installed and you're ready to open Microsoft Word.

Installation success

Finding your citation style

Click View → Citation Styles → More Styles to search for citation styles on Mendeley. In the Get More Styles tab you can search for other styles e.g. "Harvard", "Imperial" or "Durham" and install them in one click.

Mendeley has thousands of styles from all the top journals and institutions worldwide.

Citation styles

Citing a document from within your library

From the Mendeley citation toolbar you can automatically insert formatted citations or generate a bibliography for your paper. To generate citations in MS Word or LibreOffice you can watch this video for a quick demo.

Citing a document

Advanced: The Citation Style Editor

Start editing your own citation styles with the open source Citation Style Editor, produced in collaboration with Columbia University Libraries.

To get started we recommend this tutorial.

Citation style editor

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