Read, search and annotate your documents

The built-in PDF viewer allows multiple open documents, highlighting, post-it-like note taking and more.

Open a document in the PDF viewer

Click the PDF icon or double click to open a document in the viewer. We've listed icons that you will come across below (no icon means no full-text is available).

  • Favorite document

  • Mark as read / unread

  • PDF available

  • PDF available for download

Open document in PDF viewer

Keyword search a document

Search for a document keyword via the toolbar in the top right. Your keyword will be highlighted throughout the document which saves you time searching for specific words or phrases.

Full-text search in documents

Make your first note

Click on the Note button and click anywhere in the document to make your first note. These are useful for making quick notes as you read a paper and can be placed anywhere on the document.

You can make more detailed notes in the toolbar on the right hand side, which are searchable.

Annotate your documents

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