Searching your library and organizing your files

Find papers you're looking for and easily catalog documents based on your workflow.

Search the full-text of your library

Search for a keyword in the top right to find documents instantly as you type. The search includes global notes and tags by default and you can filter specifically by clicking the filter arrow.

Keyword search

Create folders & sub-folders

Right click anywhere in the left hand pane to create folders and sub-folders. You can drag and drop files into folders from anywhere.

Tip: We recommend starting with search to help find things fast. The real usefulness of folders is for reducing the scope of your search.

Folders and sub-folders

Organize with tags

You can select a document and add tags in the right hand details pane and then search for tag names to find a group of documents easily.

Tags work much the same as folders, with the key differences being that it’s easier to add lots of tags to a document than it is to drag it into several folder.

Organize with tags

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