The Library View

All your documents securely stored and organized in one place.

My Library

  1. My library: Provides you with easy access to your library, publications, folders and groups.

  2. Sync: Sync your data across devices so you can work and access your research wherever you go.

  3. Your documents: Double click a document to open in the PDF viewer.

  4. Details pane: See document details to quickly update meta-data and browse notes.

  5. Library search: Search across the full-text of your library with results appearing as you type.

The PDF Reader View

Read, search, annotate, collaborate and more with the advanced PDF reader.

My Library

  1. Note: Click on the Note button in the toolbar to attach notes anywhere on your document.

  2. Highlight: Click on the Highlight button in the toolbar to highlight.

  3. Sync: Annotating collaboratively? sync your data to keep up with your collaborators.

  4. Global notes: The global notes pane is searchable from anywhere in Mendeley Desktop.

  5. Keyword search: Search your document for keywords to help you find specific words or phrases fast.

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