Discover, add and import new content

Save content from around the web into your Mendeley account in just a few clicks.

Discover with literature search

Select the Literature Search tab on the left hand pane to search and add papers from the Mendeley catalog. To add documents, simply click “Save” on the right hand pane or drag and drop articles to any folder or group that you’re a member of.

Tip: Advanced search operators can help you refine your search.

Discovery with literature search

Import content with the Web Importer

Save online content directly to your Mendeley account with the Web Importer bookmarklet. Import content from a wide range of sources and academic databases.

Web Importer

Auto-add documents with a Watch Folder

Setting up a Watch Folder in Mendeley is one of the most versatile ways of quickly importing documents. Simply drop PDFs in the folder and Mendeley will import them automatically for you.

To setup a Watch Folder:

  1. Select the 'Watch Folder' option from the add files menu in the main toolbar and browse to the folder containing the documents you're interested in.

  2. Mendeley will add each document to your library, scanning each one for useful details such as title, author and journal.

  3. Any subsequent documents added to the folder will automatically be visible in Mendeley.

Watch folders

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