Adding your existing documents

Adding your existing documents is the best way to see how Mendeley can start saving you time.

Drag and drop files or folders

Drag & drop files or folders into the open Mendeley window. This is great for quickly adding files to Mendeley. Recently added files can be found in the “Recently Added” folder in the left hand pane.

Drag and drop

Import from other software

  1. Export from other software into RIS, BibTeX, PDF or EndNote XML file format.

  2. Click File → Import and select the exported file.

You can transfer your library from EndNote™, Papers, Zotero, Refworks, Jabref and more.

Import from other software

Add your publications

Drag papers you've authored into the My Publications folder on the left for them to be promoted via your Mendeley profile page.

Once added, other users can download the PDFs directly from your profile and your work can be seen by researchers worldwide.

Add your publications

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